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    Backpack Jenny Fairy RH1936 WHITE



    Backpack Jenny Fairy RH1936 WHITE
    Backpack Jenny Fairy RH1936 BLACK

    Product details

    Brand Jenny Fairy
    Product code 2221071020003
    Model RH1936
    Colour WHITE
    Category Women's Big Bag Synthetic
    Material Leatherette/-leatherette
    Compartment closed zipper
    Place for mobile phone
    The number of compartments 1
    The length of the strap that can be adjusted Yes
    Weight 540 g
    Bag size Damska torebka duża synt.
    Number of zipped pockets 3
    Maksymalna długość szelek (cm) 86
    Wymiary 15/20 x 23 x 10.5

    About the brand

    Jenny Fair

    The latest trends at affordable prices are the basic characteristics of the JENNY FAIRY brand. Her fashion DNA reflects the most up-to-date designs inspired by catwalk projects. Perfect for clients who love to be in the spotlight and regularly reach for the biggest hits of the season. Bold colours, original materials and innovative trim make JENNY FAIRY a leader in the production of fashionable, inexpensive footwear for many seasons. The richness of stylish models creates an excellent range of shoes for special occasions, such as a wedding, carnival or parties.