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    Backpack Nylon Red RC10974 BLACK



    Backpack Nylon Red RC10974 BLACK
    Backpack Nylon Red RC10974 COBALT BLUE

    Product details

    Brand Nylon Red
    Product code 2221086090008
    Model RC10974
    Dimensions (cm) 22/31,5 x 29,5 x 15
    Category Women's Big Bag Synthetic
    Fabric Leatherette, Textile
    Colour Colourful
    Place for mobile phone
    The number of compartments 1.0000
    The length of the strap that can be adjusted Yes
    Weight 838 g
    Bag size Damska torebka duża synt.
    Number of zipped pockets 1
    Maksymalna długość szelek (cm) 90
    dimensions_magento 22/31.5 x 29.5 x 15

    About the brand

    Nylon Red

    NYLON RED is a collection of shoes for youth and for fans of gym shoes, tennis shoes and sneakers. Made of fabric or organic leather, the shoes are decorated with various embroidery, embossing and applications that break their sporty character. Thanks to this, NYLON RED shoes will be an excellent proposal for everyday life and even for a dance evening. It's comfortable, stylish and affordable shoes for young women with age and spirit.