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    Sports footwear ADIDAS Copa 19.4 In J D98096 WHITE



    Sports footwear ADIDAS Copa 19.4 In J D98096 WHITE
    Sports footwear ADIDAS Copa 19.4 In J D98096 BLACK

    Product details

    Brand ADIDAS
    Model Copa 19.4 In J D98096
    Product code 2230003703587
    Kategoria Sports footwear
    Colour WHITE
    Season Cały rok
    Total height of the shoe 8.5
    Thickness of the sole 1.5
    Other textile laces
    Maintenance method a damp cloth
    Shoe_upper Syntetyk
    Inside Materiał tekstylny
    Material Synthetic material
    Smallest size shoe weight [g] 172
    Styl Sportowy

    About the brand

    Action Boy

    The Adidas brand was founded almost 100 years ago by Adolf Dassler. Its name comes from the diminutive name and first letters of the surname. The founder of Adidas grew up in a family that produced and repaired shoes. At the age of 20, Adi started producing sports footwear himself.

    Currently, Adidas is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and their classic sports shoes commonly known as "sneakers" are the object of desire for the entire cross-section of society.

    In its footwear offer, Adidas not only has classic sneakers, but also professional sports shoes, outdoor shoes, fashionable flip flops and comfortable sandals this season.

    The Adidas brand collaborated with world-class designers such as Stella McCartney, Jeremy Scott and Alexander Wang.

     In the CCC offer you will find timeless Adidas shoes at a great price.