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    Sports footwear SPRANDI EARTH GEAR CP86-18371 COBALT BLUE


    Product details

    Model CP86-18371
    Product code 2230004552429
    Kategoria Sports footwear
    Colour COBALT BLUE
    Technologie Waterproof
    Season Cały rok
    Total height of the shoe 9.5
    Thickness of the sole 2.5
    Other elastic laces
    Maintenance method Spray
    Shoe_upper Syntetyk
    Inside Materiał tekstylny
    Material Synthetic material
    Smallest size shoe weight [g] 204
    Styl Sportowy

    About the brand

    Sprandi Earth Gray

    Sprandi Earth Gear is a line of trekking shoes for the whole family. Comfortable, durable shoes at a great price will be perfect for rainy and snowy days in the city and trips in demanding terrain. An important advantage of the SPRANDI EARTH GEAR products are contoured remoulded  soles and soft linings that ensure safety and comfort of wear.