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    Ballerina Lasocki Young RST-ERICA-01D COBALT BLUE



    Ballerina Lasocki Young RST-ERICA-01D COBALT BLUE
    Ballerina Lasocki Young RST-ERICA-01D WHITE
    Ballerina Lasocki Young RST-ERICA-01D GOLDEN

    Product details

    Brand Lasocki Young
    Model RST-ERICA-01D
    Product code 2221053120004
    Kategoria Ballerina
    Colour COBALT BLUE
    Ocieplenie wnętrza materiał tekstylny
    Season Spring
    Heel material high-quality material
    Total height of the shoe 6.5
    Wysokość obcasa 1,5 cm
    Maintenance method cream
    Shoe_upper Skora
    Inside Materiał tekstylny, textile
    Material Leather
    Smallest size shoe weight [g] 124
    Styl Casualny/codzienny
    Finery genuine leather

    About the brand

    Lasocki Young

    LASOCKI YOUNG is high quality leather shoes produced in Poland for children from 6 to 13 years old. Shoes for boys and girls were designed in cooperation with children orthopaedic experts and carefully made of high quality leather. Thanks to the snap and Velcro-type  fastening and the soft insoles, LASOCKI YOUNG and LASOCKI KIDS shoes meet the highest standards of children's footwear - and the needs of the youngest.