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    Sandal Nelli Blu CM1851-6 BLUE



    Sandal Nelli Blu CM1851-6 BLUE
    Sandal Nelli Blu CM1851-6 PINK

    Product details

    Brand Nelli Blu
    Model CM1851-6
    Product code 2221066620003
    Kategoria Sandal
    Colour BLUE
    Ocieplenie wnętrza syntetyk
    Season Lato
    Total height of the shoe 8 cm
    Thickness of the sole 1,5 cm
    Maintenance method Spray
    Shoe_upper Włókienniczy
    Inside Syntetyk, syntetyk
    Material Textile
    Smallest size shoe weight [g] 166
    Styl Casualny/codzienny
    Finery glitter

    About the brand

    Nelli Blue

    NELLI BLU is a dream come true for small women. The products of this brand are fashionable girlish shoes decorated with vivid colours, funny patterns and themes such as hearts or flowers. These shoes are suitable for family business occasions and every day - they will appeal to both girls and mums.