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    Wellingtons Muflon 23-492A TURQUOISE



    Wellingtons Muflon 23-492A TURQUOISE
    Wellingtons Muflon 23-492A LIGHT GREY
    Wellingtons Muflon 23-492A GREEN
    Wellingtons Muflon 23-492A SALMON PINK
    Wellingtons Muflon 23-492A COBALT BLUE
    Wellingtons Muflon 23-492A GREY

    Product details

    Brand Muflon
    Model 23-492A
    Product code 2220854360008
    Kategoria Wellingtons
    Colour TURQUOISE
    Technologie Silpro
    Ocieplenie wnętrza materiał tekstylny
    material_podszewki_RMS Materiał tekstylny
    Season Cały rok
    Sole high-quality material
    Total height of the shoe 20 cm
    Thickness of the sole 1,5 cm
    Maintenance method A damp cloth
    Shoe_upper Inne
    Inside Materiał tekstylny
    Material Other
    Class_type Slip-on
    Smallest size shoe weight [g] 278
    Upper circumference at the top (smallest size) 28
    Ankle circumference (smallest size) 24
    Styl Casualny/codzienny

    About the brand


    MUFLON are colourful children's wellies and snow boots. The footwear kept in joyful style is durable and waterproof, and the use of high quality materials ensures pleasure and comfort of wearing. Specialized solutions, like cuffs on the uppers and non-slip soles, ensure dryness and safety of the youngest. In MUFLON shoes children are not afraid of rain and snow!