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    Sports footwear Skechers 52957 GREY



    Sports footwear Skechers 52957 GREY
    Sports footwear Skechers 52957 COBALT BLUE

    Product details

    Brand Skechers
    Model 52957
    Product code 2221002880003
    Kategoria Sports footwear
    Colour GREY
    Ocieplenie wnętrza syntetyk
    Season Cały rok
    Total height of the shoe 13 cm
    Thickness of the sole 3 cm
    Other textile laces
    Maintenance method Spray
    Shoe_upper Włókienniczy
    Inside Materiał tekstylny, Syntetyk
    Material Textile
    Smallest size shoe weight [g] 228
    Styl Sportowy

    About the brand


    Skechers is an American brand of shoes not only strictly sport and casual. The company as a "child of the nineties" is a real rebel. At the beginning of its production, the brand created the SKECHERS Sport Utility Footwear line, which had a huge impact on fashion and contributed to the determination of the American style of the 90s.

    Today, SKECHERS is constantly expanding and customizing the product offer in 15 separate lines, from sports, through casual style to the creation of an evening line. In Skechers shoes, it's easy to feel exceptionally staying part of street culture.

     Despite its short history, the Skechers brand is a favourite not only among young people, but also representatives of other generations. The production of Skechers today is available in over 170 countries around the world.